Is he just playing? No third date for me?

I went with this guy on 2 dates both went great after second he had send me a good night message with a flirty smile .I hadn't answered to him because I saw a message only on the next day.Since then he didn't contacted me for a whole week . Is he just playing? should I write to him or it is a sign that he just not interesting ?


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  • It's okay that you didn't reply back. Sometimes guys back away to see if you're going to chase them. DO not fall prey to this! He will come around. Better to wait for him to get in touch with you. You shouldn't respond to every text message anyway. Guys get bored with girls who are always available. Get busy with other things. He will eventually get in touch with you when he sees that you are not chasing him.


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  • When some guy's texts a girl and she doesn't text back then he won't text her again, at least for a while. He texted you and you didn't give him the courtesy of texting him back, it's possible that he thinks you're not into him. Most guy's will only try to catch a girl that they think want's to be caught by them.

    • It's been a week right, let's see how this works out for you, playing games never benefits anyone.

  • No contact. If he wants you he'll contact you


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  • please wait for a while for him to get in touch with you first. if he still does not text you, then it's your turn to text him. in case he does not answer your message, just get rid of him. anyway I think he'll answer for sure :)