Is it a good idea or a bad idea to wish him happy new year?

Were not really fighting but we're not really friends like before either. Would it be a good or bad idea to text him to wish him "hey stranger :) happy new year" we haven't texted in months, although we have bumped into each other and say hi. we got into a fight right before my b-day, and he never did wish me a happy birthday :( even though I called and wished him on his.

I still like him, and I think he used to like me, but we never dated.


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  • Here is the thing. If you are going to get hurt if he doesn't reply to your message, which highly likely to happen, then don't send him a message. If you won't get hurt and think it is worth the risk, then why not? Be honest with yourself.

    • I think its likely he reply back thanks you too ... I was just wondering if the fact he hasn't been pursuing me lately should be a sign that I shouldn't bother

    • I think you should move on, yeah.

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