What would you think of a girl texting you "do I get a goodbye before I leave?"

So this guy that I thought I had a really good connection with; we Haven't talked very much recently

He may be really stressed from it being finals week and all but me being a girl I'm freaking out thinking he lost interest so quickly.

We leave for break in two days and I won't see him for six weeks! :(

Guys what would you think of a girl txting you "do I get a goodbye before I leave? :)"

Last break we had he texted me just as I had left for myflight home and he apologized for not getting to say goodbye...


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  • go for it, text him that!

    during break if he's on Facebook a lot, try to chat from time to time (not too often!) , keep yourself on his mind and then when break is over make sure to hang out with him asap

    when I was stressed out for finals id pretty much lock myself in my room and cut myself off from civilization

    • and if he doesn't respond? because he hasn't and its got me all peeved...

  • Go for it


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