What are TWO pieces of advice you would like to give to guys that are "unsuccessful"?

No laundry lists here, please. Please be concise. :)

Please give TWO pointers of advice, to the guys on this site that seem to be struggling when it comes to relations with females.

I'm asking this question, because I know there are plenty of guys, of all ages, on this site, that are having problems in that regard of their lives...

...and may be, even with asking anonym, ashamed to ask for advice.

So please give your help to the dudes on this site, so they can see this and tweak whatever needs to be tweaked to get the results they want when it comes to you girls. :)

Thanks for your input, you wonderful users you. Merry Christmas. :)


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  • First thing would be to get away from the scarcity mindset. Do not place any significance on your interactions with any one particular girl. There are plenty of women out there in this world, if you screw things over with one of them, there is another hundred standing in line behind her. It really doesn't matter.

    Second thing I would want to share is, women share many of the same desires we do. They like to be touched, kissed, flirted with, and they are every bit as horny as we are. If you're on a date and you feel like kissing her, then just kiss her. More often then not she will kiss you back. If she doesn't, it goes back to my first piece of advice, it really doesn't matter.


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  • Hmm, let's see...

    I'd say be yourself, but try and connect with the girl on a subject/s that you have in common (try to find out what that topic is if you don't know). Secondly, be fun! I love funny guys or someone who is a blast to be around, but just be sure you make clear hints you like her as more than a friend in the process.

  • Girls love attention! you can never give too much

    • Oh yeah? experience says otherwise lol

    • It's not an advice. She's just proving they have egos, too. :P

    • This isn't necessarily true...it is definitely possible to give too much attention.

  • I want moloz's piece in mine. That's 2 pieces. :D


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  • !-Stop trying so hard. You're probably just not suited for the dating game. Join clubs, do sports, anything where you'll meet women outside of fomral dating, and relax, don't pressure yourself. Even more important: don't presssure them, looking eager or desperate is a sure way to remain single.

    2. Pay more attention to yourself. Get in shape, get yur work life in order, be nice to your family and make sure you are on good terms with them and with your friends. Catch up with people you've lost touch with.

    All the above will impess the women you want to impress. Probably yuo've spent too much time trying to impress women who are players to one degree or another...

  • Always look out FIRST for yourself


    be a little unpredictable and as little honest as possible.

  • Be the best man you can be.

    Respect yourself.