He sent me a text today.. Wondering if it means anything..

This guy I've likes texted me 'hey there' and I'm trying to figure out what it means.. Could he be interested or is he just being nice.. He is pretty shy


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  • Oh no...this is second only to "he stared at me! - what is he thinking?" questions

    He's interested. Guys are lazy. It required effort to press buttons on his phone. That means he likes you, gir. Well alright!l


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  • Not enough information to say

  • i think he's interested. he probably wants to hear what you have to say

  • Just being nice, he hasn't asked you out yet just play it cool and see what he has to say for himself. If you give away you like him you won't be a challenge and some guys like that...

    • He asked me out!... But I don't know how to bring it up again! I sort of ended the conversation awkwardly:/

      Him: hey there

      Me: hey:) how are you? Are you still going to Spain..

      Him: Haha in like half a year. I'm pretty good. Enjoying my break. You?

      Me: I'm good:) I still have one more final left tho. Are you doing anything special during break..

      Him: Nothing too special...idk...maybe some snowboarding and hanging out with friends. Did you maybe wanna do something sometime? If you're not busy th

    • that is...

      Me: Yea sure:) just let me know when.. I'll be free after this Thursday:)

      Him: Okay cool. Probably next week because I'm busy this weekend...and Thursday ha

      Me: Your gonna think I'm weird for noticing this but if you look at the time you sent the first text and then the time that I sent the next text its pretty similar.. I don't know how I noticed that lol. Gnite larry:)

      Him: ha goodnight Annette?

      How do I get him to set up a date! Or should I do that?

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  • Maybe he likes you, maybe he doesn't. Probably does. But don't over analyze everything it will just drive you crazy!

  • text back and find out

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