The guy I'm dating hasn't contacted me for 3 days

How often should I expect him to contact me? We've been on numerous dates, although we haven't had sex. We're coworkers (but we don't necessarily see each other every day, maybe a couple of times a week) and we usually email back and forth every day. But he's on a business trip right now and I haven't heard from him in 3 days. I know he's busy and jetlagged and stuff but I'm kind of upset that he hasn't contacted me for this long. It's the longest we've gone without talking to each other since we started dating! What should I do? He's also going home to spend Christmas with his family right after his business trip so I'm not seeing him again for 3 weeks, and I'm afraid that he'll lose interest (out of sight, out of mind?) but I don't want to appear desperate either!


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  • Just relaz. He probably relaxes on contact because you're workmates.

    Obviously he wants to take the relationship one step at a time because of the possible problems of a workplace break-up, not to mention workplace gossip. Tha'ts just being smart.

    You should be just as smart and not pressure him. Keep a slow pace with this. It's good to take some ime apart to thik and clear your heads, I think.

    I don't think he'll lose interest in a few weeks, but be prepared for him telling you it's just too risky in a work situation.


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  • Just chill and let him contact you in due time

    In a guy's mind; 3 days is not a long time while in a girl's mind it seems like forever.

    Just because he's not calling or contacting you doesn't mean that he's immediately lost interest.

    Especially since he's on a business trip right now; give the guy some space and time. If you haven't heard from him before Christmas then it's safe to say to move on.

    • really? even if you're crazy about a girl you won't contact her for 3 days? I'm so confused because when we go to parties together or something he won't leave my side at all and will be staring at me the whole time but now it's like he disappeared completely!

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    • Aw, that's not fair, I think about him way too much! But thanks :)

    • Yeah it's not fair; but life is pretty unfair for everyone so that makes it fair.

      You're welcome and good luck. Hope my answers helped

  • you know a phone and e-mail works both ways if he doesn't contact you, then you contact him then if he doesn't reply then you get mad or upset or whatever

    • well I did contact him when he left, so technically I'm waiting for him to respond

  • ...he could be saying the same thing about you

    • I did contact him when he was leaving though, wishing him a safe trip and all that!

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