My Fiancee won't talk to me because her sister kissed me

i've been with my fiancee for 7 years since we were at high school

she is close to her little sister but she gets mad when I'm talking or joking with her sister

her sister is like a young sister to me she supported us so much because we're gaay and she helped me to propose and to prepare to birthdays for my fiancee she loves my fiancee

plus she has a boyfriend

anyway we went out the three of us and we were joking about kissing each other and she kisssed me

we were laughing

and it happened in front of my fiancee then my fiancee gave me a weird look,that was yesterday and she is still not talking to me

i didn't kisss her sister back I didn't even move,it was something so quick and stupid , and her boyfriend knows about it

im afraid because for 7 years she never stopped talking to me like this

what should I do I love her but it gets me upset when I'm trying to talk to her and she is ignoring me because I feel like I did nothing wrong

should I keep trying to make up with her or should I stop ?

thanks everyone..


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  • It doesn't matter if you feel like you did nothing wrong. You need to apologize to her anyway.

    Men learn this lesson early on.

    Even when you're in the right, apologize.


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  • Please don't over think things she's just upset...She loves and she felt what it would be like if she lost you so...Give her time and she will be the same old girlfriend and sometimes even sweeter...Hum...Hum...Kisses

    • the problem is I talked to her friend and she told me that my fiancee is so mad and she is in Shock but I don't get it ..

    • that right she's shock that all...try to go over and talk to her...make her understand that she is love by you and only her...make her believe that what you feel for her is far more then what she guys will be fine believe she's just really shock...

  • Try to do something to reassure her that she is the only one for you. Don't bother trying to convince her that it's not your fault. That's a dead end argument. Just show her that you care. She'll come around, just be patient.

    • you are right .. she said something about taking revenge and she tried to get me Jealous today