How to kiss? (First time)

So I'm starting to get worried about my first kiss.

Which is a dumb thing to get all worked up about, but I think it may be coming soon, and I don't know how!

Everyone always says it comes naturally, but it obviously doesn't come naturally. (If you have seen Virgin Diaries on TLC then you know what I'm talking about)

Could someone explain the basics of kissing to me? So I can be a little prepared :)

Thank you!


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  • It really does come naturally, and if it goes wrong, a guy finds it even cuter. Especially the first kiss. The first is easy because its just a slight head tilt followed by the pressing of lips. You just do the gold fish kissy face and its done. After is where it gets fun, with the opening the mouth slightly and lip locking and then to tongue technique, and all that fun stuff. Anyway, the first is no biggy. :)

    • Really? But what if he wants to do all the tongue stuff :/?

      And what if he is more experienced than me?

    • If its a first kiss, there shouldn't be more than that if they are a classy guy and even sleazy guys don't go that quick because they don't wanna get shot down. If he does, shut him down with a step down like a cheek kiss. If you wanna know more about the more complicated stuff, its a lot of give and take with tongue, which is also a learn as you go kind of thing and every person likes something else in a kiss. I've had some girls tell me I'm great and others say its not what they are used to.

    • Alright! Thanks!

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  • First kiss is not going to be tongues or anything like that, so don't worry.

    And remember, you have just as much control over it as he does.. You can lean away at any time (Though try not to ended it suddenly, touch his lips really gently with yours, then lean out and look into his eyes)

    Basically.. Just relax.

    I was terrified for my first kiss.. Afterwards though it was a complete case of "What on Earth was I worried about?"

    Tilt your head, though not manically, just eversoslightly works.

    Look into his eyes, at his lips, at his eyes again.. whatever feels right.

    Lean forward slightly - with opitional pause to look at his eyes again.

    Close your eyes at this point.. Staring at each other can be fun, but not first time!

    Just a tiny bit for leaning and your lips will touch.

    Slight pressure, and lean out again. (and open your eyes!)

    Easy peasy.

    You can kiss someone's cheek, or hand, can't you? Then you can do the same thing to his lips!

    Honestly, it's nothing to worry about. Don't over think it.

    I know everyone says it and you don't believe it but it truly will come naturally. You'll figure out what you like.. And different things work best with different partners depending what they like too.

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so much lol

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    • Aww that sounds cute :) Are you dating him now?

    • Heck no!

      Sorry, he's sweet and everything but it was never going to work.. Three months together was enough xD This was about four years ago now, and we're pretty good friends. Essentially we worked out that as friends, we're awesome, as a couple.. not so much lol

      Even so.. Never regret something you once enjoyed.. Or whatever that saying is!

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