Sweet nothings.. to whisper in her hear?

I have my first girlfriend.. what are sweet things I can tell her.. or whisper to her..

like when we say goodbye..

when we first see each other..

when we say Good night..

you know stuff like that..

girls what are some of the best things your guys ever said to you


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  • say to her, you really like her and say her name then tell her you love her... thinks like that.

    if you really mean it you can say stuff like you'd do anything for her no matter what you'd never stop loving her.


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  • calling her a nickname like beautiful, gorgeous, or baby is nice to hear. a kiss on the cheek is nice too.

  • Just say how you feel about her, but don't get too deep right away--that just seems fake.

    • lol.. not what I ment.. I mean like when I'm saying good night.. I usually say "sweet dreams" or "sleep well"

      I want to know what kinds of things are sweet to say.. like "my darling" "sweety" "cutie pie"

      just something.. I can add to what I normaly say..

    • Yeah, give her some sort of nickname and you can say sweet dreams, that is better than goodnight.

  • When You get all intense and romantic... wait for 2 seconds and say something so funny, she can't help but laugh.

  • "i want to taste you."


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