Why did she stop replying, I thought we were getting along

I made this girl laugh and we got into a conversation about some stuff, I wanted to get her number and up until I tried getting it, she was pretty good about replying..she wasn't the fastest (but I can understand that since sometimes women like to take their time with making their messages sound cute and all that) but..when I tried to get her number, I sent her a message that was stopped midsentence since it's my trick to see if she'll even reply or not. If she does, I know she's interested, if she doesn't then she's either not interested or..thinks I forgot to add something. She stopped replying though and after about 20 minutes, I sent her another message just saying, well I take it you fell asleep or something, so I'll HOPEFULLY talk to you later.

So, what do you think happened here?


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  • It's possible that her phone died or that she fell asleep...depending on the time you messaged her. If she hasn't messaged you back then she is playing games in which case you should move on. :/


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