Can time improve things between 2 people when things get strained due to emotional restraint?

Pretty much all in the question, but when things don't progress between 2 people because one of them has an all consuming fear that holds them back. He wasn't on the rebound but he wasn't able to emotionally let go. Can things change after an extended period of time away?

Or would things continue as they started and the relationship be doomed regardless of how many times you try?

Was it bad timing or do the pieces just not fit and never will?


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  • I would like to say the cliche that time heals all wounds, but I do not believe that is true. Under this circumstance, I do believe that time will do some good and that giving it time will create a better chance. I am not saying that it's bad time, and that in due time everything will work out fine, because they may not, however, there is a greater chance of things working out. I also will never said that something will never work out because... you never know. You could really hate someone so much that just seeing a glimpse of them makes you want to bash their head into the concrete, but 10-20 years down the road you might end up being married to this very same person. I say give it time, but at the same time... don't wait forever. Use your instincts.. if you feel better staying then stay, if you feel that it's time to move on, then move on. Since you are asking this question I say stay for right now. Wait it out and see what happens.

    • This a very good answer. I just really miss him and I feel like I'm going crazy because I still feel this. In the time we have been away from each other, I have met other guys, guys I do really like. but yet still, STILL, I feel this and I still miss him. and its been a long time. I keep telling myself to keep soldiering on but at the same time, what if it something we should both try? and I have somewhat gotten over it all. but I still miss him from time to time and wonder what if?

    • I take it he is your ex. One thing about ex's... an extremely high percent of peoples ex's, we still have a thing for. Especially if they are still lingering on in our lives. It's that simple. If you like someone, but kinda want to move on but don't know because you still have some feelings for him, then that's natural. If he stays in your life you may always feel like this. Not saying to cut him out of your life, but the easiest way to move on with a new guy is to do so. If not it will be tough

    • no he's not an ex. he's just a guy we liked each other. and yes he is gone from my life totally cut from my life. his decision not mine. well not really anyway.

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