Why do people flake on dates?

I have been dating for a long time, but have been hurt on many occasions. Why do so many women flake on dates? I am not categorizing all women, but in my experience, so many just break off all communication, and never commit to a date. Some, do commit, and just as I am getting into the car to come pick them up, they call or text saying, "Sorry, I have to cancel (insert lame excuse here)." All I want is some respect for my time. Is that so much to ask?


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  • I hate flakes.


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  • they're not interested any more. if it makes you feel better, both sexes are prone to do this. I've had it done to me and I've done it before too. if your in a relationship you should have more respect for your partner and break up with them in person, but if you just met that person then I don't think its a big deal. there are more fish in the sea and there are worse things that can happen

  • Because they owe you nothing and you haven't established a good enough connection.

    • I'm not talking about random women, I'm referring to the women that I have dated, even ones that have known me for a while.

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    • Nobody is making you click on the comment button ;) Don't feel like being criticized on a public forum, then don't post. World is a harsh place. Cry me a river.

      God I hate flakes... :) Popcorn anyone?

    • Awh sh*t I got told hahaha well you just answered your own question. Congrats buddy :)

  • at least they told you. I dated a guy that would cancel without even telling me. I'd show up, wait half an hour, text him to find out where he is to be told he can't make it. wtf

    • Sounds like trash to me. How can anyone get ahead in life if they can't stay on top of things? So unprofessional!

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