Pursue him or give up?

I met a guy through an online dating site and we have been talking for about a month, but we met for the first time 2 days ago. We usually talk everyday, but after hanging out we've barely talked. He texted me the day after saying he wanted to kiss me, and I texted him today wishing him luck on a test, but that's it. Since he usually initiates our conversations I'm becoming anxious, and I don't know if I should still let him initiate it or try to start a conversation. He know's I'm visiting home and thought that could be a part of it, or myabe he thinks I don't want to talk. What should I do? Or does it sound like he isn't interested anymore?


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  • dont chase em replace him


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  • It's never OK to Pursue a guy especially a the beginning. Whatever you do at the beginning sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. Don't be anxious! Go to the gym, go shopping or hang out with your friends so that you're not nervously looking at your phone. Sometimes a guy pulls away to see if you're going to chase him. If you do, he will lose interest. Guys love a challenge. If you make it too easy, he is not going to appreciate you. I think he will definitely get in touch with you but DO NOT text him again. Make a rule for yourself to text him once for every 3 or 4 times he texts you. Don't answer him right away either...make him wait. Let him look at his phone nervously and wonder if you still like him and why you didn't text back ;)

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