Guys: texting preferences?

ok this seriously has me confused...

guys always say that they are sick of having to text girls first...

i honestly try to text my guy friend first but after awhile I feel like he starts to get annoyed so I stop and wait for him to text me...i mean I try to keep up a conversation but if it seems like he's getting annoyed or shortens his responses/takes longer to respond I don't push it...

which is it? am I doing something wrong? what do you want us to talk about to keep you interested or is there no way?


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  • it is pretty much the same with guys, when we try to text girls and they don't respond just think about your thoughts when a guy texts you and you don't want to respond, pretty much the same idea.

    • i mean does that mean you don't want us texting first? I mean its hard for me to say cause I don't really get irritated when anyone texts me unless theyre asking me stupid questions...but to me it seems that if you're only going to text back when you feel like it or are going to text back annoyed then you might as well say when you actually want to talk

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    • like he'll tell me h has to leave but half an hour to an hour later we're still talking...usually its leaving the video chat/conversation and he once missed a physical therapy appointment cause we kept talking and he forgot...

    • Ya I would say it is because he enjoys talking to you, that's the only reason I would skip an appointment lol.

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  • I like being first

    But a change of pace is always nice


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  • Whoever said guys know what they want? Do what girls are supposed to do