Why doesn't he ever text me first?

I worked with this guy, we didn't talk very much but he showed interest in me by trying to flirt sometimes, and so did I ( I had a lot going on with my ex at the time ) But I always had a thing for him anyway. I moved 3 hours away and he would Facebook message me every couple weeks asking how I was doing. He finally gave me his number after about a few months. We started texting a lot lately and he said he thought I was beautiful and he always noticed me. But I'm always the one who texts him first, and when I do he seems happy to have heard from me but why does he act interested but not initiate the conversation, and also when we do talk, we talk to a long time. An hour or more, one day it was like 10 hours. But I still initiate and I don't want to bother him or seem annoying so what do I do, I really like him.

I even wait a day inbetween to see if he will text me but he doesn't :/


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  • Ever see Memento? That's why

    • lol yea years ago, I remember it being really good, but not sure how it relates? :)

    • He loses his memory of who he is. So, he has no idea who you are unless you call him first

    • oooh ok! cool, thanks :)

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