Online Dating question! Did I really mess up?

So, he said my English is ''impressive'' and asked if I studied English before...(lol I think he was trying to be nice, but... whatever... I answered thankyou and said yeah I took some English classes before yada yada yada...and I said ''...I think I need to improve it because my grades were better at reading and writing comparing to speaking and listening, maybe due the fact people speak way too fast and because of my accent lol yada yada, hope you are having a good day''

AFTER I SENT, I REALIZED that I didn't ask him ANYTHING, ALTHOUGH I was pretty what are the chances he's going to reply me back?

I'll choose BEST ANSWER in 1 hour. TKS.

Thanks for answering.


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  • If he likes you, he'll come up with some sort of response

    • thankyou, and I agree with you.

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