Perfect date, weird reaction at the kiss

I went to a first date with a nice blond girl.We had great fun and some point we both came very close..i was holding her,teasing her and she was gazing me.It seemed she wanted a kiss.I drove her back at home with my car but when she went out she wouldn't open the door..she was talking to me,asking questions and gazing(again).She was like "kiss me"She even asked me what s my opinion of her..i went for the kiss BUT she turned her cheek.I kissed her on the cheek,stepped back,smiled while holding her and started talking sweet...then I was playing with her hair while holding hair(We were hugged).She wasn't nervous,it was like she didn't want to leave,so I kissed her again on the cheek and told ner goodnight..she was looking at me while leaving.

Now should I make a big deal this "no lips kiss" or should I just text her and tell her I want to see her again..what do you think?


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  • First date means it's a tease. Don't take it too seriously and text her (but wait a day or so).


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  • lol relax she's just teasing you

  • She's probably teasing. Do not make a big deal. I'm sure she wants to...go on another date.


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