How should I act if I see this guy who stopped talking to me? I'm still really hurt :(

We had known each other for about three months. The chemistry was amazing and there was definitely some great potential there. But I was so shy that I think he misinterpreted it as me not being as interested or possibly having a boyfriend. He would make comments like "Oh, is that your boyfriend?" and "Do you have a boyfriend yet?"

The last time I saw him, he drove thirty minutes away to pick me up and take me back to his place because I wanted to see him :) He was so incredibly sweet, rubbed my back and my stomach, kissed me all over my face, was so understanding when I told him I wasn't ready to do anything sexual and wouldn't be hooking up with him, kissed my lips in the morning despite the possible dreadful morning breath, he even took me out to breakfast and mentioned me going to Europe with him that summer to meet his parents. Then later that day he just stopped talking to me. No explanation or anything. It's almost ten months since then and I'm still so hurt by it. I can't get over it because I feel that our chemistry and connection was so special. The more guys I meet, the more apparant that is and now he's gone. I get so sad thinking that he may have a girlfriend now ;(

My intuition tells me I'll see him again and I don't know what to do. Apart of me doesn't want to let the opportunity of finding out what the hell happened slip up Idk! Advice? What do you think about the situation?


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  • How many times did you try to contact him after that day?

    • hmmm only like three. I texted him saying thanks for everything that day and he didn't reply. So I called him the next day and he didn't call back or text me back, which is what he would usually do. So then I didn't talk to him at all. Then my friend saw him at the club so I sent him a very fiery, angry text telling him if he lost interest or met someone else he should have just told me instead of leading me on then ignoring me.

    • Hmmm. Interesting.

      Sounds like he might have been playing at being a nice guy, hoping that your even though you said you weren't up for anything sexual, you might have been convinced to change your mind. And since you didn't, he just moved on.

      It doesn't sound like anything other than douchebaggy behavior , I'm sorry to say.

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