How do you know who's right for you? I'm stuck between two guys and I really have no idea who to choose.

So the first guy is the same age as me so were both 16 and we've been going out for almost one year now but things have changed, he use to be there for me through everything and would always want to see me and talk to me but now he's left school and its like I don't exist to him anymore, but he's over protective at the same time and won't let me do anything, like tonight I got a message from him having a go at me calling me all these rude names becauseI went to the movies with my mate who's a girl? I don't see what's wrong with that?

Now there's the second guy who's 19. I met him through work and he asked for my number and we've become pretty close and I see him sometimes but we talk pretty much 24/7. He even comes and picks me up from work to make sure I get home okay. He's told me he really likes me and wants to be with me but I've told him things are still messy with my boyfriend at the moment which he understands.

I don't know who's the right choice for me, a guy who use to treat me perfectly but now treats me like sh*t or this new guy who treats me like the princess I've always wanted to be treated like?


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  • Sounds to me you should drop the boyfriend because no guy and I do mean NO guys should tell you what you can and can't do. It would lead to bigger problems and trouble down the road. As for the guy you work with I think he is sweet but with him being 19 and you still a minor you really need to think it over and see how your parents would feel about you dating someone who is no longer a minor himself. The last thing you want is for your parents to try to throw the poor guy in jail because of an age issue. But keep in mind that you said your boyfriend was sweet to you at first to. Any guy can change even during a relationship. But me I would drop your boyfriend tho no girl needs a guy like that. Best of luck and I hope this helped. :)

    • yeah it has thanks, just isn't that easy to just leave him when we've been together for pretty much a year:;/

    • I does make things harder the longer you are with someone but the long you are with him it sounds like it will only make things worst :(

    • Agree 137%.

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  • Stop daydreaming. You're not a princess.

    Anyway, if you don't like the boyfriend, you can dump him.

    And see if the new charming prince is better than him on the long run.

    Good luck, sister.

    • i know I'm not a princess, its just a saying.

      and I do like the boyfriend but he treats me like sh*t but now there's another guy so don't know who.. :/

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    • i've tried doing that man, but he showed up at my work randomly tonight:/

    • Well just ask him NOT TO ? If he doesn't comply, he's a total creep.

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  • wow you are ina fantasy world. stick with your bf

    • so stick with the guy who treats me like sh*t..?