Dating a girl getting out of long term relationship?

I've been hanging out with this girl just as friends for two or three months now and she had a boyfriend as far as I knew, I never met the guy or asked her about it, didn't really care. Anyway, we have gotten closer lately and I really enjoy spending time with her, we kind of just click and I assumed we were just really good friends. Well her boyfriend showed up one day when we were hanging out together and was kind of pissed about something, they talked for like 2 minutes and then he just left.

So a couple days later I asked her what the deal was, if everything was okay? She said he had moved out and she was sick of dealing with his BS lately, but I guess now he moved back into her house temporarily but she is still pissed with him and said they were not really 'together' even though they were still living together at the moment sorting things out. So I'm not sure if that means they are just deciding what to do with the 'shared' house at the moment or what...

Well since then she has basically been spending all her free time with me and texting me almost daily. Apparently he's been posting all kinds of crap about her on Facebook, little comments and then at the same time removing them and basically begging her to come back. Pretty juvenile stuff, and she's just ignored it all, doesn't respond to any of it.

I'd like her to know my intentions and to see where things go between us, but I'm not really sure how I should approach the subject or if I should wait until things are free and clear with this other guy, as I'm not sure if they are 100%. Any advice for me?


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  • Is she really over him? and how old are you guys? you gota make sure that she is really over him because just to stay that she is breaking up is not sure! they still live together..

  • Make sure she's completely over him before you get into a relationship with her..

    • Good advice, but hard to say really. She never talks about him ever, I don't ask either.

    • Hmm.. That's all I got, sorry.

      I clicked it cos I'm just out of a long term relationship and (fingers crossed!) it's going great with my new boyfriend.. The circumstances were completely different though (in that I decided to leave him)

      You don't want to risk her simply moving her feelings from him onto you because it's easier than getting rid of them..

    • Oh, she decided to leave him... but it was her house so basically kicked him out is why he moved out. Good luck with your new boyfriend!

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