Giving her my number isn't a problem, it's the "will she call/text" thing that scares me to death

Guys rarely do this sort of thing. They make the women wait it out wondering if he'll call etc..but, there's this girl I'm going to give my number to because she's a bartender and they're probably used to being asked for theirs. I'll probably also do it through a note because, if I ask her at her work in front of her friends (and or mine) she might be embarrassed to say no (assuming she does). So, while I've no problem with this..I'm putting my ego on the line and hoping she contacts me.

1. How do I get over this anxiety?

2. Is there any REAL way, I can prove to her I want her to contact me?

3. Chances of her contacting me? (considering she's pretty mature)


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  • I'm kinda going through this right now but I am the girl. I don't know what I should text the guy. Should I say just "Hey". Or should I go with "Hey hows it going?" Or what about "Hey this is (my name) from (dating site)"

    It can be extremely racking for both the number giving and the person who gets the number.

    Sometimes you just have to go with things. Like when we were messaging for the past week. I would read my message 10 times before I would send it. lame I know but I was just nervous so I would get to the point I would just press send. I don't think there is a REAL reason other than you giving her your number. That should be a large enough sign for her to know. Honestly, the chances of her texting you are 50-50. You just can't tell with people in public these days.

    But kudos for you for thinking of giving her your number if she is a bartender. I would find that impressive. She probably has a lot of guys asking for her number and not giving her theirs.

    Good Luck and I hope she texts you! :) Have a great day!


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  • 1 and 2 Dude you gave her your number if she calls she calls, don't bring it up again if she doesn't though. 3. she hasn't called yet, if she wanted to REALLY talk to you she would have given you hers right away or text you from her phone on the spot to make sure you had her number too. she's already made her call on it by NOT calling, so just chill back, she doesn't want to date you for whatever reason...maybe she's with someone else...maybe you came off too eager or whatever...doesn't matter.

    • I'vent actually done it yet, haha..I was supposed to give her my number a couple days ago but I never made it to where she is..I might do it tomorrow