Any ideas what I should do..?

My boyfriend very rarely texts first. We also don't text often. It bugs me a little, but I can live with it. I don't mind too much.

However - after a particualry rubbish evening - I text him at half one this morning saying "I think I need one of your hugs x"

I was nicely surprised when he actually replied - some joke about how I could use him as a pillow instead (long story! lol). In my reply I said "sorry if I woke you, didn't think you'd get it til the morning."

He didn't respond, and that's fine.. I figured he'd fallen asleep. No worries.

But he didn't say anything in the morning, which would be the decent thing to do, right? Especially since it's extremely rare for me to do something like that.

And it's now 7pm and I've still heard nothing.

We were considering meeting up tonight, but I said it depended on whether I had to give my mum a lift and that I'd let him know. I assume he's waiting to find out if I'm free, but I'm quite annoyed that he hasn't bothered to message me or call me all day.

Should I text him, or leave it?

Okay, so I did text him becuase I haven't seen him in a while and I'm not free again for days.

He said he's busy - after telling me yesterday he was free tonight.

And he didn't text earlier because of a hangover apparently -_-
Last update, I promise..

And hour ago I got/replied to that message. He added on the end "You been okay?"

My response was "Been better. I thought you said you were free tonight?"

He usually takes 20-30 minutes to reply, but never more. Once this time's passed he generally doesn't reply at all.

Girls, what would you do? Guys, would you respond if your girlfriend said that?


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  • Sounds like he's being a bit of a jerk, and needs to get his priorities straight e.g. his girlfriend.

    • Haha, thanks. I don't want to call him a jerk - but I'm not making excuses for him, so it's nice to hear from someone else!

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    • Haha, I'm single, but I'm working on it... :)

      It might mean he doesn't care, but I hope not. I suppose you could argue that 'been better' is a bit vague, he might argue that anyway. I'd give him a bit longer, you don't want to seem toooo needy. Maybe ask him to come round as you miss him and are feeling real bad? Milk it a little aswell, test his commitment. I really hope he comes to his senses :)

    • Thanks so much for all of that - and good luck with your attempts at getting a girl! Whoever he may me, she'd be lucky to have you :p

      As it was, he did reply, my phone just chose not to show it until I moved rooms (despite having full signal!) Not completely forgiven for forgetting to contact me sooner in the day, but at least he didn't ignore me :)

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  • Yeah text him, it sounds like he's playing hard to get (which is a bit weird once in a relationship). If its bothering you then definitely do something about it. You're in a relationship with the guy! This is the great thing about them, you should be able to not feel bad about getting in touch with him. Ask him if anything's up, he might be upset about something you don't know about that probably isn't even to do with you. Don't think your being needy. He's your boyfriend, he should enjoy that.

    • Thanks.. I have issues knowing if I'm messaging too much, because my ex didn't give me a lot to work with. He text six times a day, even when I didn't have my phone with me and couldn't reply. It annoyed the Hell out of me.

      I know my current boyfriend doesn't like phones much either, so I'm always scared I'm going to be bugging him..

      In this case, I want to talk to him - but I'm also annoyed that he knows something's up and hasn't got in contact.. =/

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  • I would leave it I hate when my guy that I like does this to me too but I tend to leave till he texts me which is rare

    • Under normal circumstances, I might. But I do miss him - I last saw him Tuesday and I'm not free again til Wednesday (cos of Christmas and everything going mad).

      If he does text first it's usually about six ish, so I was waiting for this.. Which didn't happen..

      Have you ever confronted your guy about it? If so, how did you say it?

    • No I haven't because he never texts me I actually erased his number so I wouldn't get tempted to text him to see when he would text me and as of now since Thursday he hasn't :(

    • That's a good idea, though it's probably worth bringing it up with him.

      Have you arranged a time to meet up? Or are you just hoping he'll come to his senses and contact you?

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