Is he losing interest in me or what is it?

At least it is the way how I feel after what happened...We met on line and we hardly kept communication going, he wrote me he was in town and wanted to meet me so I agreed. We met and we didn't meet alone, he had some friends and other people that are important in his life and the date was AWESOME, so much that we went out every single night for 10 days. Then he had to get back to his hometown, but kept communication everyday and night with me through internet and phone, the thing is he came to town again, we had 4 dates and then we decided to spend the night together, it was beautiful, he was respectful and sweet and I felt comfortable but during that day he completely change, he didn't text me as he often did, I couldn't see him that night and then he had to leave early in the morning so I couldn't see him at all but he called, he was totally different answering only OK ok OK to anything I had to say, but he did say he will come back and that he wasn't tired of us, I don't know how to take this last line, he left and well I waited the whole day to have news from him but he didn't get in touch at all, suddenly he wrote me that he was sorry and ashamed to act the way he did and that he wanted everything normal between us, that he had a wonderful time with me and that he misses me, I liked the fact that at least he apologize but now I feel I am walking on thin glass, plus I have notice he is always on line in the site I met him and I can't stop thinking now I am only an option to him, guys what should I do, how should I act and what are your opinions on the matter, considering I really like this man regardless of physical attraction, it is definitely more than just that. I have been in this thing with him for 3 months only had sex once


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  • If he's a player, and the odds are better than 50-50 he is, then move on. If he's not, there's a small but real probability that he's for real. You seem very over invested in the relationship, relatively speaking, so you may have a really hard time telling the difference. I've just finished an article for GAG on relationships but am still getting feedback. If you'd like to see it before it's published, friend me here, identify yourself from this story, and if you give me an email address, I'll send it along since it's in Word and I don't think GAG supports attachments.

  • You're attracted to him because he stirs up emotions in you that you mistake for attraction. In truth, he's activating your feelings of abandonment center.

    In other words, you're hanging your happiness on to an abandoning doooosh who basically used you for the nookie. Then he threw you a bone by apologizing and claiming he was going to change. yeah, right.


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