To guys: if you are really into a girl...?

if you are really into a girl is it true (as"he's just not that into you") that you will text her, or talk to her in the chat, or find a way to talk to her, etc?

Is it true that when you really like a girl you will be active, meaning that passive behavior lack of interest?

do you agree with what the movie says?


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  • it depends how into her you are and your current situation the movies false for me atless but if your the offense she definitely the defense so I contact in between jobs and stuff until I get an opening to ask her out or something all guys play different but if lifes tough you wanna plan things out lol..but if you like her to much to early it will effect your should be able to tell how much a guy likes you by his always moving to fast(no good) but taking it slow and letting everything develop in time hurts us both parties cause you always stuck in that I think he likes me one day and he ingnoring me guys try not to smother someone you really like and tend to not care a lot but we do but caring to much gives girls the ammo they need to reject you it go's both ways.

  • It's true with me but with most guys it's not true. Hollywood is full of sh*t and the book/movie is garbage. I've read it and watched it.

    • so you don't agree with the book... it's kind of pessimist imo..

    • Books and movies have been defiling the human mind for far to long. People need to realize what makes good media doesn't necessarily make good living. They might base themselves in reality but they blow things far out of proportion.

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