When I hang out with my f/friend people ask us are we a couple?

Ok here's the thing

When I hang out with my f/friend people ask us are we

a couple.

And we always say no we're just ,and it doesn't matter

Where we go restraunt,see a movie,a church singles group,

you name it people say it.

I told my f/friend I don't see,she's said it's how we talk to

each other.

Here's my question as often as I hear what a couple my

f/friend and I make.

After awhile does that get my f/friend thinking people could

be right about the 2-of us?


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  • Maybe I'm naive, but what's a "f/friend"?

    Either way, hearing so often has probably put the idea in her head. She may agree, but be afraid of you not feeling the same. She may not feel the same way. There's really no way to know but to ask.

    Next time someone says something, try to make a lighthearted cmment about it.

    • F/friend = female friend

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    • Lol.. like what ?

    • FWB... lol

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  • Ive had people say that about a friend of mine and I when we went out. People would even assume we were married. We didn't so much as hold hands when we were out, but we looked good together, and had great chemistry... Never actually thought about taking it further though.

  • That happened with me and my friend. After awhile we did begin dating, but we broke up after 3 weeks thinking we were better off as friends. Were still friends today, but we would really like to date again and we both love eachother, but he has a g/f.

    Just go with how you all feel. Don't be afraid to give a relationship a try. I know our relationship ended, but our friendship was strengthend.

    Good Luck.


  • I get mistaken with my friend when we are out as well. Do you think it is because when two opposite sex people hang out, people automatically assume that they are together?


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  • I had a friend like that. At first I didn't like her like that but we got breakfast together every weekend for a little over a year and a half. We hung out a lot and everywhere we went people thought we were married. I had old men coming up to me telling me the secert to a good marriage is to always just agree with her or some funny stuff like that. Women could come up to us and tell us how we great of a couple we made as we talked about stuff together and laughed at things. Well it was crazy. At first I saw her as a good friend. One of my best friends. Then over time I found myself thinking more about her and I realized one day that I liked her. Things never got awkward between us. I always played it cool. One day I was about to tell her how I felt about her and it was going to be ok if she didn't feel that way about me but if she did I would like to make something out of this. Well I get a call from her and found out she had started dating my best friend of 20 years. That wouldn't have been that big of a deal. I'm a reasonable person and realized that I should have said something sooner. They also made a good couple, he treats her right and she and him really get along great. I have no reason to stand in their way. It was sad because she was the only girl I've ever met that treated me right and didn't just look at me like she wanted a guy to show off to her friends. She was wonderful to hang out with and made me feel great about myself. It was sad because they never have the time to hang out anymore. This has been for the past year. As time went by they grew further and further away. Now I never see them anymore and I think they are moving far away together. I lost two of my best friends and will never know how things could have been between us.

    No woman I've met amounts to her and it kills me. I'll spend even more years to come alone because I'll compare all females to her. They just don't build them like that.

    I try not to let it hurt but deep down inside it does.

    • How come you didn't keep in touch with them?

    • Over time when they started dating, when you would call. They wouldn't talk as much. Then it got where they would tell how they didn't have the time to talk. Now that they both moved away, her number changed and he won't answer the phone anymore. I thought maybe they didn't like me anymore but all my friends talk about how they just dropped off the face of the Earth.

  • It would just be because you are with a female and people always naturally assume that people are dating when they are hanging out with someone of the opposite sex.

  • my friend and I get it a lot as well.

    only difference is we used to date. and she kind of treats me in a bit of the same way at times.

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