"I'll chat with you soon :)" is he playing me?

i recently started talking to a guy I work with. we have worked together a few times but didn't really hit it off until the Xmas party this weekend. I was already drunk when he got there and he didn't stop chatting me up for the next three hours. when he left he put his number in my phone and got mine.

we get along so well. the evening of the party he messaged me asking me what I was up to and asked if I wanted to hang out. it was already 7pm and I was tired and hungover from the day so I declined. he seemed fine with that, asked me if I enjoyed today etc and "ill chat you with soon :)" that was yesterday. does this guy seem like a player? he is very nice but its always hard to tell. not sure what to expect?


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  • I don't think you can say he's a player yet, but he is definitely flirting with you in a nice guy kind of way. After all, not many player's would give a woman a massage and ask them how there day went, but then again some do. I would just take it as a guy that might have some interest in you and that is flirting with you. I think you can give him a chance. He hasn't introduced any other girl or any wanting for sex into this situation yet, so I can't call him a player just yet, but every person tries to be flirty with the opposite gender or the same sex and flirting is a tactic of players so I guess everyone can is a player to some extent. I think you don't have to worry about him being a player right now unless you see some signs that he could be playing you. If you really think he is playing you then you can just straight out ask him if he is player and if he's playing you and see how he reacts. I hope my advice can help you out in some way or fashion! Good luck with this guy!

  • You're very welcome! Glad I can help!


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