Guys, do some of you don't bother to contact your gf?

My boyfriend and I have a great time when spending time together. I can feel that he really likes me. But when we're apart, he never calls and rarely texts. It hurts because I don't see why he can't send a cute text once a day. It seems to me that he completely forgets about me. Is it normal for guys to act this way? Or do you think he isn't really interested in me-so we only have a good time when we're physically together but he forgets about me when he's doing other things.


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  • I'm like this. I prefer to see people in person. I hate phones and Facebook.

    I adore my boyfriend and my friends, but I don't bother talking to them much when they're not around. It's nothing against them.

    Try telling your boyfriend that a text or a phone call once in awhile would mean a lot to you. I'm sure if he likes you as much as it seems he does he'll make the effort. :)


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  • I hear ya - I'm a guy, and run my own business. My days aren't really 'structured' since I'm not at some employers office all day, so I have free time when I create it. My 'friend' is in classes all day, so she has a more rigid schedule. Maybe its something as simple as that. Do you send him texts that go unanswered?


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