Is he avoiding me? Or does he just not like me?

I like this guy but he has a girlfriend. Because of this, I haven't made any moves on him and am waiting until him and his girlfriend decide to split (if they do). The first time I met him he told me about how he hates his girlfriend, which I took as a sign that they didn't have the best relationship. He flirted with me a lot and was pretty touchy feely, although we didn't kiss or anything. We didn't talk much until recently, and it was ongoing texts for three days straight (which to me is a lot because we never used to text this much). I never started anything, but he would flirt with me through text and always make intimate jokes (which he would always use to get into some kind of deep conversation). Then he came over to my house the other day, saying that his girlfriend would flip. He didn't stay long, but he texted me after. Now it's been a day since we last talked. He hasn't replied to my text and I don't want to text him back because I'm afraid I'm overstepping my boundaries. Any advice/insight?


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  • You seem to be a very naive person, please don't ! It is wrong on so many levels to go out/flirt/text etc a guy who is already in a relationship.. Put yourself in his gf's shoes .. would you like it ? No matter how much he hates her.. you don't intrude in anyone's relationship until it is clear that they are not together anymore and he really wants you.. not just fooling around ! What if he will get with you and after a while he gets bored or start "hating" you and flirt with another girl ? Really, I would say to get away from this guy, he seems very immature, disrespectful and a relation with him won't really lead anywhere healthy :) Good luck anyway

    • Thank you so much for your honesty! It really sucks because I do like this guy... I'm trying to figure stuff out!

  • I would just try to leave it until he says something to you. Maybe the girlfriend found out? It sucks that he doesn't like her but is still with her, maybe he is just trying to find an out.

    • Thanks for the answer! I don't really know what's going on :(

    • Aww well hopefully you will figure it out soon.

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