Should I agree to meet with him?

A guy who I got to know quite well during a camp a few weeks ago recently broke up with his girlfriend. He just asked me to go out for lunch with him because he wanted to talk to someone who doesn't know her.

Is this a normal thing for guys to do, or am I like... a rebound? I haven't seem him since camp, but during the camp we were pretty much best friends.

We didn't really talk much or see each other after the camp. We just casually chatted online occasionally.


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  • I say yes meet up with him .. but make it clear that you did because you are a good friend , not because you are looking for something and if he attempts to make a move, step back and underline the fact that it is never good to jump from relation to relation.. advise him to take a break and think about what he really wants to do .. you are not a rebound!