Do I actually need to "ask her out"?

I've seen this particular girl 6 times in an intimate situation - 3 "going out" kind of dates and 3 "night in" dates. I really like her and would like her to officially be my "girlfriend". I feel comfortable with that, but I was wondering if I need to ask her to be my girlfriend or if it's better to just continue seeing each other until it's kind of impossible to NOT be bf/gf?

Also, if it helps the answer, we haven't had full sex yet, although we have slept together twice. A bit weird, but that's just how it is.

Any thoughts? :)

7 "dates" now and still haven't discussed it. Answers are tied at 1 each, any more thoughts? :/


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  • Continue seeing her for a bit longer and then talk about it. Don't let it continue indefinitely and just assume that you are. Chances are she'll doubt what you are and think you just was her for a FWB or that you want to keep dating around.


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  • Don't ask her to be your GF. Just continue seeing her.