Girls- Do you purposely not reply back to a guy for days at a time?

I asked this girl out for coffee this morning and she hasn't replied yet. I don't have a problem with it, but I have to think she is stalling on purpose. I have a feeling she is going to say yes, but why wait 1 or 2 days. Does she not want to appear desperate or something?


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  • I don't think she's interested. I mean you say its a dating site which tells me that people reply back right away because the only reason theyre on the site is because they want to meet someone, right?

    • Well I'm not sure because the last message I sent her 2 days ago, she responded a day later, but it was a good response. She keeps asking me questions in her responses, so I think if she wasn't interested she wouldn't try and keep the convo going. I asked her to get coffee when we go back to school in the last message I sent her, so maybe this one is different because she has to say yes or no. I just went ahead and asked because I figured her opinion wouldn't change much with more messages

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    • I sent the last message this morning.

    • oh OK then give her time to reply

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  • i think you need to call her, she'll probably take you seriously. I dnt know how long you've known her, but texting someone new to go out is very child like.

    • I'm using a dating site. I don't have her number. The only way I can talk to her is messaging.

  • You have lots to learn lol. A girl won't reply sometimes to see if you will text/call/ask her again. It's funny, actually. lol.

    • But I asked her out in my message so I'm thinking I should just wait till she responds to it. Do you agree?

    • Well maybe she isn't interested. If you haven't known her very long, she probably thinks you're a pyscho trying to get some if ya know what I mean. She may be intimidated. Tell you how you really feel. No one can really answer this question except you and your instincts.

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  • if she doesn't reply you for 2 days then tell her that you don't take sh*t from anyone (politely but firmly). It shows her that she needs to respect you and that your'e the one in control.

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