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When it comes to girls I just can't catch a break. There is this place I frequent every Saturday night and recently I asked this girl that works there for her phone number, but she just stated that she doesn't give her number out. The next time I saw her she went to the back of the store when I got there. When I did see her, I couldn't even look in her direction, just kept looking around or down when she appeared. Because I feel like a failure.

The next girl who is in my class I asked her out and she rejected me. Now when I try to talk to her she won't even respond.

Right now I don't even know how to change my luck.

These girls were both girls that I have had a couple conversations with.


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  • Everyone has hits and misses. It will get better, hang in there.


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  • Slow and steady my friend, it's a method that works. It's very painful to have to wait so long, knowing you could just ask her right there and then, but it works.

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