What kind of girls do guys never ask out and for what reasons?

Are there particular girls that guys do not ask out? If there are, give me details. What kind of girls do guys never ask out and for what reasons? I am 19 and have NEVER been asked out. And I want to know if I can figure out why by your answers...:(

I am no longer single! =) I have a boyfriend now! Thank you all for the advice!


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  • A girl does not need to be the hottest girl. That can actually be intimidating. But let us assume you fall in the range of normal, average, cute. Do you give of a vibe that is negative. Girls are usually credited with more intuition. Guys have our own radar. A crazy chic radiates that a mile away. Then there is the obvious angry perma scowl. Like I glance at her to see her reaction and she glares back like "stay away from me or I will cut your balls off". OK, keeping clear. Then there is the hide away type. not just shy in a cute way. We see the difference. First, make yourself a bit noticeable. dress cute. no need to be slutty. smile, smile, smile. and when we look your way smile back, maybe even say hi. this opens the door for a conversation. Now you are somewhat on your own. It would take a long time to get you through that.

    • Oh alright thanks. I am very attractive and smile a lot and say hi a lot and always act very friendly. Why wouldn't a guy want to ask a girl out that clearly possesses these qualities?

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    • from your update. congratulations. see. us guy types are not all bad. have fun..

    • ^_^.

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  • I won't ask out anyone I'm not attracted to (obviously). This includes girls that are:



    Under 5'2




    Drug Addicts


    aaand I could probably go on for a while. Bottom line, it's all subjective. Some guys may love short, heavy, racist potheads. But if you're asking if there are understood groups of women guys won't go near...well no, there aren't.

    • Just curious what is a Juggalette

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    • Haha of course they do, but if you're looking for guys that like you, I'd look at your guy friends first. If you make so many, you're clearly not unapproachable and I'm willing to bet they all like/liked you at one time or another. It could just be that you attract typically shy men.

    • Well...what do I do then? There are some guy friends I have that I would not date in a million years & there are some I could be interested in or have been, but they have not reciprocated the interest. That's why I am forcing myself to stop having crushes...because it seems that every crush I have has a girlfriend or is not interested in me at all. Should I just ask one of my guy friends and hold my breath and see what happens...but then what if it gets all awkward if they reject? Urggggg

  • Those who show physical signs of being mentally psychotic, and those that are known widely for playing around with guys heads and not giving them any benefits. I would assume neither of those are you, but rather it might be that guys don't want to ask you out, than a guys don't really know that you're there. You need to make yourself known, talk to some guys, get to know them, let what you enjoy doing be known and let those you like know that their liked.

    • Hmmm...so be more friendly than I already am? Should I maybe flirt more or?

  • I only ask out really attractive girls out. Now, that does not mean I wouldn't go out with an average or ugly girl; as long as she approaches me.

    • I am very attractive and people have said so...so I know that cannot be the reason I don't get asked out. Could you give me another reason?

    • i agree sexy people light a spark but personality lights the fire xoxo ;P

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