If you knew someone liked you, then all a sudden didn't message/text anymore, what would you think?

If you knew someone liked you(texted quite often, signs, etc) then all of a sudden didn't message anymore, would you wonder how come they aren't talking to you anymore?

would it bug you?- even if you weren't interested in them.

would you end up texting them seeing what's up?

also, guys- is it a ego boost when you know a girl likes you? does it make you feel more attractive?


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  • I guess he's tired or he's testing you to see if you care about him.

    If I would advice you with something; if you care about him you can continue with the relationship but if his company is of not use to you this is a great chance for you to ends the relationship.

    For me, I would say the guy is kinda smart because only smart guys do creat decision gap in a relationship others keep persisting.

    Mmmm! Well, to some extent no. Its not an ego boost, to me I take it as something normal and natural. Evry person has the right to express his/her mind. Its not gunna be the first and of course not the last...

    Blessings & take care.


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  • im doing that to this girl right now, I have been texting her almost everyday for the past month and I'm not gonna talk to her once over winter break then show up after winter break is over with my 2 or 4 pack and ask her out. Guys know (or should know) that if you talk to a girl too much then your gonna get friend zoned and why would they want that.


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  • It happened to me. They stopped liking me.

    • thats why they didn't message you?

    • That was true for me. It might not always be though.

  • this has happened to me before! One time I was talking to the guy and he asked if I was seducing him and I said "what, no!" and he stopped talking to me for a couple of months. It wasn't because he didn't like me, it was because I really embarassed him!