Should I play the game right back and stop texting him / leave him alone?

Alright, so me and this guy are both 16. We met in school about a week ago and hit it off. He acted like he really liked me, we hugged, we cuddled, we told each other how we felt. Heck he even said he wanted to make me his girlfriend. All this happened in like 4 days. And as of yesterday, he's been texting me less & less.. and when he does, its not even interesting. We don't even have conversation. He doesn't say the same things and he's barely making an effort to talk to me, I feel like when I text him first (which I ALWAYS have to do) I'm really annoying him, because he'll answer, but after that he won't say anything. Is he playing hard to get? Is this just some random elementary school type crush where we're in total 'puppy love' for about three days then it just stops? Why is he losing interest ALREADY? to make it worse, I'm going on vacation for ten days starting tomorrow and won't get to see him, so if there's any hope in keeping him interested if he hasn't already lost it is texting and communication like that. What do I do? Should I play the game right back and stop texting him / leave him alone? This is all too confusing for me. He seemed head over heels with me two days ago and now its just nothing...


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  • I didn't read all of this, but as soon as I saw your age, I had an answer. You are 16, boys your age only want to stick their d*** into something. Boys that age lose interest quickly, and I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.

    • yeah, this just sucks. maybe I fall too fast. I'll back away and see what he does maybe?

    • This coming from a guy: trust anonymous.

    • he is a player he don't mean anything he said 2 you I hate guys like dat

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