What is the best way to deal with conflict?

So I'm just wondering what is the best way to deal/approach the situation when your SO messes up. What is the best way to get a guy to listen and understand the problem but not feel like he is being attacked?

*there is no specific problem


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  • I would say staying away a while and during this period developing a strong sense of empathy would be the best. I was using: "what she would think and feel in this situation?" method. I was imagining she is always next to me but it was me who embodies her feelings/thoughts.

    Another method is, if your significant other accepts, roleplaying. I was acting like her and she was acting like me. It helps solving the mirroring problems.

    There are lots of best ways. The best way for you is the one you can utilise with the maximum efficiency. Be creative!

    I wish you best of luck and patience!


  • I enjoy waterboarding personally


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