Is this a date or a hang out?

Text convo:

Him: hey there

Me: hey:) how are you? Are you still going to Spain..

Him: ha ha in like half a year. I'm pretty good. Enjoying my break. You?

Me: I'm good:) I still have one more final left tho. Are you doing anything special during break..

Him: Nothing too special...idk...maybe some snowboarding and hanging out with friends. Did you maybe wanna do something sometime? If you're not busy that is...

Me: Yea sure:) just let me know when.. I'll be free after this Thursday:)

Him: Okay cool. Probably next week Because I'm busy this weekend...and Thursday ha

Me: Your gonna think I'm weird for noticing this but if you look at the time you sent the first text and then the time that I sent the next text its pretty similar.. I don't know how I noticed that lol. Gnite larry:)

Him: ha goodnight Annette

Later in the week..

Him: Hey when are you free this week?

Me; Hey:) tomorrow or Wednesday would be good:) What did you want to do?

Him: Hey, I think Wednesday is better. Maybe get some yogurt or food or something ?

Me: Ok.. Just tell me what time you want to go.. Um do you think you could pick me up?

Him: Alright sounds good. And sure, that shouldn't be a problem

Me: OK cool. Gnite larry:)

Maybe I'm thinking to deep about it but he's kind of melancholy in his replies and usually he says gnite back but this time he didn't


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  • Tough one. If I was asking a girl out my texts would often look similar to this, so it could be that he's asking you on a date. However it could also be just wanting to hang out. Either way he wants to spend time with you though. If you like him then it kinda doesn't matter whether he's intending it to be a date or not; if you like him then be flirty with him and stuff & see how he reacts. It's so difficult to tell what people actually mean/feel from texts but in person you can tell a lot more easily if he likes you flirting or whatever. Obvs don't go straight in there being masively flirtacious because if he doesn't mean it to be a date that could be kinda awkward, but just do some light flirting and build it up if he reacts positively :) As for clothes and stuff, just wear something nice but not too revealing or anything inappropriate to wear with a friend basically.

    Hope this helps :) Let me know how it goes! :)


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