Hanging out with guy friend but he has crush on me?

OK so I gotta know if this is wrong...so I have a guy friend we've known each other a long time but weren't very close. but the last couple of months we've texted a lot and hung out a few times (w/ a group of people, not going together). we get along really well and joke around. he admitted about a month ago to having a crush on me. I kinda blew it off joking around Because frankly I didn't really wanna go there. we dated when we were in high school and it was silly and now that we are friends I kinda feel weird about it. but we have still texted. so today he asked if I was free to hang out this week. I said OK. Because it seemed weird to say no. but he doesn't think of it as a date does he? I mean I guess I'd kinda be OK with it but I just got out of a short-term relationship where I got burned big time and am still kinda hurting over it and I am back online and talking to a few guys just for fun. I don't mind hanging with him but am I giving him the wrong impression?


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  • He's crushing on you so he's hanging out with you in hopes of dating you. I actually think you like the guy and is giving him the right impression, you said it'll be OK if it was a date, right?

    • to a degree yes...it's complicated a little though because while I'd be OK with going on a date with him, I'm not sure what I feel about him yet and want to still date some other guys...i was really hurt by last guy and want to take my time this time around. but is it weird to just casually go on a date with him since we are friends and since I do plan on going out on dates with others at this time?

    • Well just be honest with the guy, that you're going out on dates with different guys, that way he won't have false expectations.

    • will do...thank u!

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