I think he sent a text to the wrong girl!

so this guy I'm casually seeing (because we don't live in the same country) was in a middle eastern country last week. Now he is in a different region of the world.

Two days ago I suggested that sometime soon we do a little Skype session to tide us over til we see each other again. We were on bbm and it got very sexual.

My bb died though and I used my other phone to wrap things up.

Today I had my bbm status set to busy and I get a text to my other phone that says - are you alone? He was there for a little more than a week.

My guess is that he meant that message for another girl he probably met last week.

At first I thought he mistyped honey and just sent back through bbm - hey what's up - I'm sorta alone - why? Then I realized it probably wasn't meant for me and said - ohhhhhh. I see. no worries. Wanted to give an idea that I know while still being vague and not freaking out.

the messages didn't show as delivered and I texted him right back.

i don't want to accuse the guy or anything but it's super sketch.

I know he's a player anyway and I'm sure he'll explain it away either way, but I'm pretty sure this is what happened. Thoughts? The only reason it could possibly be meant for me is because of the conversation we had two days ago. But otherwise, doesn't seem likely.

Well, he texted me back "All good cutie" - that's his response. ummmm, wow, seems kinda inappropriate


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  • Thank you for that insight in to how some girls minds work...

    I mean, wow, you get one unexpected word and you construct whole volumes of plot around it.

    Lawyers need people like you, to help teach classes on what is meant by "circumstantial" evidence.

    That's just amazing. If jumping to conclusions was an Olympic sport, I think you'd take the gold.

    • seriously, it was not meant for me dude. he didn't even reply to my first text saying what's that word mean and then the lame response I got makes it pretty clear. he's been increasingly distant the past few weeks. our last two conversations I initiated and hadn't heard from him otherwise which was not normal. I actually wouldn't even be surprised if he did it on purpose to try to get rid of me because he wouldn't have the heart to tell me to go away. how's that for conspiracy theory.

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  • So... What exactly is your question?

    • Am I right in assuming the message was not for me.

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    • Don't be involved with him then. If you have to see him at work, it will just make problems.

    • well, it's only once a year I'd have to see him. so no biggie. I'm more worried about keeping my dignity intact!

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  • Honestly, you set yourself up for that one. You know you are "casually" seeing this guy and you're getting freaked out because he talked to another girl. When you casually see a guy, when you are the one who offers skype (phone sex--what else is going through his mind?), and know a guy is player why are you suprised that he is talking to another girl? I don't mean to make you feel bad. Everything in life is a learning lesson. If you can just have sex with a guy without him commit to you, then be prepared for him to talk to other girls. See this as a sign so that you don't get too hung up on this guy and next time don't give up the goods too easily! You can't be mad at him either...he is not your boyfriend.

    • i'm not freaked out at all actually - I expected him to talk/be with other girls. he's young and moves around a lot. I never had sex with him. we messed around a little but nothing major - no oral no exchange of body fluids lol. What I am concerned with is how to handle an awkward situation. I mean, if I say was that meant for me, he's not going to say it wasn't, right? But it totally sounds like it wasn't. I want him to know I'm not stupid without sounding crazy.

    • all I am asking is this: is it unreasonable for me to assume it was meant for someone else? you know, sometimes when you are in a situation yourself, you don't see clearly.

    • Well, that's good. If he gets in touch with you again you can say something like...btw, you sent me a wrong message that was meant for somebody else...lol. In the meantime, try to get busy and go on dates with other guys so you're not stressing over this guy. Take it for what it is.

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