How often do I text?

This girl is already my friend but I'd like to be more, I send her good morning texts every now and then (maybe once or twice a week), should I do it more often? And should I try to start casual convo texting too?


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  • You should ask her out...that would be straight forward, easiest and faster.

    You can convo text her too if you really want too...but I think that the good morning thing won't change anything.

    • I mean we've already went out to dinner and everything, her sister is dating one of my best friends. So we see each other a good amount

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    • Yeah we've went to dinner, it was just us. But we're not dating, I want to date her but she is out of town for a while right now. I just want to talk to her to keep contact between us strong until she gets back.

    • Great then, maybe call her too : ) ?

What Guys Said 1

  • Yes and yes, girls like knowing a guy cares, and if you really want to be more than friends talking to her more often and showing you care is a good start. Make sure you ask her in the late evening how her day was, and tell her good night when she is going to bed. It the little things such as these that girls love the most.