What do I do if I called and asked a girl on a date and never got a response?

This girl and I have been texting like nonstop for a week. She always falls asleep on me and texts me in the morning. She seems tom compliment me every once and a while and even mentioned wanting to hang out. It seems like she was interested in me.

Yesterday I called her and asked her to go to lunch tomorrow after a short little conversation. She said something like "I dunno, I should be able to." and that she would let me know..

Well, she texted me today just a little. She didn't mention her response for tomorrow...

What do I do? Do I just not say anything to her and see if she brings it up tomorrow morning? Or do I ask her tomorrow before noon?

Like seriously, what the hell? Why would a girl spend all this time talking to me on the phone and be so flaky when I finally ask her out..? Where do I go from here?


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  • Hey, okay basically I would wait and see if she comes around and texts you about it, but right now it seems like she is playing games with your head. She may be confused as to what she wants, but don't stick around too long because she may just be playing with you. Then if she doesn't end up answering you about getting lunch together, I would just be like hey if you want to meet up for lunch that would be great, but if your not interested just let me. Hope this helps and good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice! I decided not to mention it and wait and see if she brought it up. She ended up texting me a few days later asking to go out and we did and had a great time :). I think she could have just been busy, but maybe she was playing games, who knows. Either way, me waiting for her to reschedule worked great. Thanks for the help!

    • Yay! I am glad she responded and that y'all went out :). You're very welcome!

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  • I agree with the person beneath me...Id wait a little bit and if you get no response she could have totally forgotten/it slipped her mind. I had a guy do that to me and he ended up getting sick that's why I didn't get a response from him.

    Anyways if she doesn't text you the day you are supposet o hang out. I would send a text mid morning and be like hey just wondering if you were still up for lunch today at all? And if she says no then be like ok...rain check? And if she says yes ask her where you want to go.

    My suggestion to you is if you want to know for sure if she does like you in that way (I assume you like her in that way) is to ask. I know that it is really forward and kind of scary to think about but if you ask then you have your answer. I did that recently and it turned out he didn't like me like that, but I realize now how much better off I am. Good Luck


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  • You need to call her up and say something along these lines

    "Look, any person that really wanted to get to know someone else could give up half an hour of their time over a coffee, you keep sending signals to me that you want to meet but I'm not hearing a specific time and date from you"

    Then see what she says, if she says anything but give you a solid date that you are meeting, just hang up the phone and move on, the date can be in a week or in 3 or something, but so long as it's specific, what is f***ing with you is her being vague about it

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