Meeting a girl for a first 'date', NEED ADVICE!

I've been talking to this girl I met for a while now and I think that we are both into each other, she always talks to me everyday and keeps telling me that she wants to meet up to hangout. What should I wear? Should I hold her hand? Give her a hug? She's told me that she likes the guy to make the first move with these kind of things... Also what sort of things should I talk about when I'm with her? I'm really worried I'll stuff this up and I'll get thrown into the 'Just a friend' zone :/


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  • Remain calm...we're women, not dragons. Wear something you feel good in but is appropriate for the date setting (i.e. if you're not going somewhere fancy, don't wear a dress shirt). As for the moves made, you just have to feel for it and how well the date is going. You can't decide these things before the entire thing or it could result in being too forward and awkward.

    Best of luck and have fun on your date! :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Dress sharp: Cologne, clean shoes, wear something interesting that says something about you and your persona.

    Be sponteneous: Don't try to control every detail, rehearse everything you want to say, etc. Just go with the flow, try to be genuine, usually the best dates I have had were when everything went completely the opposite of how I planned. E.g. we get lost, or miss the train stop we were supposed to stop at, or my car won't work. LOL.

    Finally: don't feel obligated to pretend you are interested in anything she says, if you genuinely don't have a connection don't force it. Seriously, in the long run if your chemistry is not genuine it will just end poorly.