Why do guys date girls that are less attractive than them?

For example why would a really popular, virutous man who has a masters degree in engineering date an average looking girl who has a bachelors in finance when his best friend is a drop dead gorgeous girl who has a masters in biochemistry when all of his friends have master's degreees? Or why do some guys who are very mature for their age (25) date girls that are 18 years old and not especially beautiful? Wouldn't he want someone that was a little more mature? Why would a guy who makes 40 dollars an hour, date an average looking girl who makes $12 dollars an hour? I see this so often and have never understood it. Is it because they want someone who has a good heart?


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  • First of all, I don't see what relevance the college degrees have. And just because someone is young doesn't mean they're not mature, and vice versa.

    As for being less attractive, that's all subjective; I'm sure you've heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A guy dates a girl because he finds her attractive and because he truly likes her, whether or not you agree with his perspective.

    We date people because we care about them and they make us happy. That's what matters.


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  • Because he is more compatible with one than the other. Why would earning power have anything to do with attraction, unless you're a gold-digger.

    For your other part; Age does not equate to maturity.

  • Why, with so many academic achievements yourself, believe that the only think that the fuel for a relationship is a piece of paper? That may answer your question about why they choose the other girl.


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  • So this guy makes videos about dating and answers questions from viewers and one of his videos says that guys don't go for the hottest girl, they go for the girl who is hot enough and a girls hottness rating is based on a simple equation:

    physical hotness rating -how annoying she is- how psyco she is


  • Why does anything you said matter at all? Money and degrees? What? Those aren't the most important things. Personality! It trumps attractiveness as well in most cases. Maturity isn't defined by age either. A 35 year old could really be a whiney ____ while and 17 year old could be mature. It depends on the people.

    A good heart is more important then ANYTHING you listed.

    • The 25 year old guy is an executive in a prayer group is extremely religoius and he has many of friends who have been persecuted for their faith. These people have gone through tribulations (cancer, disease, hallucations) Mostly all of his christian friends are studying medicine or helping war victims, or building orphanages or giving crises relief in other countries and he dates this 18 year old girl who wants to study graphic design. Why?

    • Love. Try to ask whys and hows about it, and you'll aways come up short.