How should I handle the first date?

ok, I work at a hospital ..nd there's a emt guy that comes in often that is very handsome. he would talk to me all the time when he come by, I saw him today for the first time in like 4 weeks..and he asked me if he could take me out on a date! , I said Yes(:

i haven't been on a first in a long time , and I'm a little nervous.. not only that but I've never been so attracted to a white guy like I am to him , so that makes me even more nervous..what should I talk about when we go on our date?, what would be over dressed if we just went out to eat or something, and should I not kiss him until the second or third date?


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  • talk? family,home,travel,hobby's, when indoubt road construction :D

    Dress? comfortable :D

    kiss? wait till end of date to decide :D

    most important,have fun :D

    • :) thankyou! ,nd I'll sure try =]

  • be nature, act normal.


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