I want to give dating a chance but I don't know what to say/do?

So some friends and I went for a single night camping. I only have guy friends, but I'm also a christian so I would never do anything hanky panky with them(not that I think other people doing it is wrong, I'm just not going to do it). I'm also love cuddling which seems to have gotten me into a sticky situation cause last night one of my friends and I were cuddling. He is super attractive and a major catch and I had a crush of sort on him forever but never thought he'd return the feelings. I don't have a single friend who even thinks I see any guy in anyother way than a friends. We ended up cuddling in his sleeping bag, but he began sorta playing footsy, rubbing his side of his face against mine and softly kissing my ear. I turned my head around towards him and he started to rub his nose against mine then we kissed. At first I panicked and turned my head back around but it happened again and turned into us making out several time throughout the night. I discovered I had hickies on my neck this morning when I went to the bathroom to change and hid them from our other friend but whispered it to him when I passed by him on my way back to our camp site. Other than the exchange of information we both acted like it never happened. He's the second guy ii've ever kissed, but this time I want to give dating a chance instead of letting it become a one time thing. So what should I do/say? Oh, I also have his jacket cause when they dropped me back home I still had it on, so I sent him a text letting know I had it. He won't get it till tomorrow which is when all four of us were going to hang again and finish all out food from the trip. Please help I really don't want to lose a chance to be with him cause he really is one of those guys who everyone knows is a catch and after last night it appears to me he likes me just as much as I do him.


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  • Ask him out on a date. You two obviously both like each other, so rather than sneaking around and pretending that nothing happened, it would be much less awkward for you two to just start dating and if it doesn't work out, you can always go back to just being friends.

  • Say "next time, no hickies!"

    That implies that you expect there to be a "next time".

    Balls now in his court.


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