How can I know where his true intentions lie?

I recently slept with this guy, and we had a great time, even the morning after. My friends however have mixed opinions about this guy and I know myself that people see him as a player, but even though he has been around, I'm under the impression that when he first go out with a girl he doesn't cheat. I know that it might've not been the best way to start if I wanted something more, just can't help what I feel. So, am I only going to hurt myself if I start seeing this guy?


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  • YES! Strike one is that you slept with him and you aren't together. From a man's point of view, he is not going to respect you for that. Don't listen to people who say otherwise. Also, you even admit that he has "been around." Why would you even want to see someone you know is a pig and has used a lot of other girls? What would make you any different than those other girls? Also, no offense but you aren't going to be the one that breaks his habit of being a scumbag. You won't "tame" or "change" him. Tha's because in his mind you are lumped into the category with ALL the other girls that put out for him. I'm not trying to be tough on you but if you "see" this guy he will simply be waiting for more sex. But if you simply want to be a booty call and get cheated on then by all means, date him.


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  • Don't listen to the other guy, I think he's frustrated or something.

    It all depends on how you met, what you did etc.. etc..

    There's not enough details really.. I know one of my best friends is exactly like the guy you're talking about. And he's had 3 long term (I think all 3 lasted about a year, on of them lasted 18 months... Or something anyway.) relationships with girls he slept with before he REALLY got to know them.

    It CAN work out. But I'm not saying it will.

    • We met up for the second time, since we have a lot of friends in common. Me and two other friends went to his house and stayed up unil we sobered up, and then they left and one thing led to another..He's got a lot of girl friends that I am also friends with and they all say he's he nicest guy. I just know that he's slept with one of my friends in the past and she and other friends say he's a player. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happends when I meet him again.

    • If you like the guy, go for it. Really, the worst thing that could happen is that you'll sleep with him again and that he doesn't want a relationship.

      The first thing already happened, so you've got either a fwb-thing to lose (unlikely that you'll lose that opportunity in the first place) or otherwise... nothing to lose?

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  • Well what is his history with women, you should ask around and a history of cheating is never a good sign...things always start out fine until interest or eyes wander

    basically a definite cheater will cheat

    find a dude with a one track mind and you're less likely to get hurt

  • His reputation an history should be enough for you to run a mile - unless you want to be another number on the belt -why do so many girls settle for these types of guys when there are sweet, deacent, nice guys that would want more and treat you with respect, forget him :)