Guys, what do you want to talk about?

A guy messaged me on a dating site and I find myself only asking questions and him only answering. What would you want a girl to talk about or ask you want?

I already asked what he likes to do and we already talked about him hunting and him getting a few deer this year. Now what?!


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  • Their is a lot of things you and him can talk about. You can ask him if he has any siblings? You can ask him has he been on any dates on the site and you can ask him what he is looking for? And besides hunting what other things he likes to do? If you like sports you can ask him spots questions about his favorite teamse? You can ask him what he is doing for Christmas or new years?What his favorite TV shows or movies are? What does he look for in a woman?You can ask him It all depends on the content of the conversation. And if you want to get to know him better then you should ask questions you want to know.


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  • YOU! Just don't brag or nothing we want to be able to do all the complimenting ;)

    • But I don't want to sound pompous when I just start talking about myself. I was wondering how to get him to ask me questions rather than me asking if he wants to know anything. He messaged me first so I figured he would at least ask me more than "hows it going?" in the first message.

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    • I don't think that its stupid but I just don't understand it. If he messaged me why isn't he asking me questions rather than letting me run the conversation. Anyway I just sent him a message talking about what I do for a living and then asked him what he does. Maybe then he will ask some questions about my job,

    • eh guys are naturally lazy lol

  • Ask if he would like to meet up.


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