Three very different guys. How do I choose?

OK so I've gotten myself into a bit of a sticky situation. Three different guys at my school are interested in me and I am interested back. But of course I can't have them all so who do I choose! I've been pondering this for a few weeks now and cannot come to a conclusion because they all seem to have the same number of pros and cons!

Guy A - he's sweet, he's truthful, he's nice, he's smart. We have been friends for a while and one-on-one is wonderful. But put him in any sort of a social situation and he becomes a total awkward turtle. He's very quiet and will barely talk. But he will talk to me and we can have good, intellectual conversations etc. I can be completely myself around him and not feel reserved at all. But most of the time we are in social situations and that's when he says almost nothing at all.

Guy B - he is almost two years older than me but is so much fun. We laugh and play games and sing in public. He's really funny and knows how to have a good time. He is slightly emotional, but in a good way. I am very comfortable around him but only worry about what he would want from me in a relationship (sex, etc) because of the age difference.

Guy C - Right now, we are really close, really good friends. I love talking with him and feel like we can talk about anything without reserves. But, he has dated one of my close friends and one of my ex-friends, which makes me worried about how our relationship would affect them, especially because I know the ex-friend still has feelings for him.

Vote for which one you think would make me the happiest and post why if you have time! Thanks so much for helping me with this confusing time

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  • What I'll tell you might sound harsh but I'm sure there is some truth to it. I'd say that if you can't choose any of those guys yourself, you don't truly love any of them. Caring about someone is way different than loving someone. If you had romantic feelings for one of them, you'd know right away. You wouldn't even be asking yourself that question. I'm not saying you don't care for any of them. What I mean is that right now, you're at the preliminary phase where all your options are open and you just have to get to know that person better. You're "pre-date", so to speak. Besides, since you seem to be friends with all of those guys, you have to realize that not all of those are necessarily romantically interested in you. Just because you feel like you would date them doesn't mean that all of them feel the same way. Until one of them asks you out on a proper date, interpreting someone's intentions from your perspective is pretty pointless in my opinion. I know you don't mean to but I feel like you're trying to pick a guy like you're browsing a catalog. I'd say wait until one of those guys make a move or make a move yourself. A date doesn't obligate you to anything. It's just a way to get to know the other person better. Once you do, your attraction to either of those guys will seem way clearer and then you'll be able to "choose" which one you'd rather pursue or not.

    By the way, no need to worry about guy B's intentions right away. I'm in a relationship with a guy two year older than me. It's not because this guy is older that he's going to try to get in your pants on date 1 and force you to have sex. You haven't even dated yet, so you can calm down and take things as they go. I'd say don't think about sex until you ARE in a relationship and things get heated between you guys.


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  • A bit of advice, I used to be just like Guy A. My girlfriend kept encouraging me to be in social situations and eventually I came out of my shell. If you have the patience for it, he's probably the best choice. Otherwise, read my advice below.

    If you feel the age difference between you and Guy B is a problem, I suggest you wait until you're both a little older, like out of school. Once you reach that point, the age difference won't seem so big. I don't know enough about Guy C to judge him, but he doesn't sound like a long-term kind of guy. I can also tell you that, among guys, it's taboo to date a friend's ex. I'm not sure how it is among girls, but I'd bet that if you went with him, you'd have two ex-friends.

    TL;DR: Guy A if you've got the patience, Guy B if he's willing to wait, probably a straight no to Guy C.

    • Thank you! Having a plan for each guy is extremely helpful. And yes, I really don't want two ex-friends..

  • If you can't choose one over the other yourself, that is you don't love one more than the other without a doubt, then don't bother with either cause you'll just see it ending eventually (either by you or them) cause there won't really be love.


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  • If you can't know which one will make you the happiest, then I am sure we can't decide for you either. What I also know that if you can't choose one, then none of them is right for you. If you insist of choosing one, then choose whomever draws a smile on your face and tiny heartbeats in your heart.

    • What if I could see myself being happy with any of them? And they all make me smile? That's the problem I'm running into at the moment

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    • Write down a list of general questions similar to the ones I have mentioned and then write down A, B or C corresponding to each question. You will know the answer. Good luck. :)

    • :O copy cat. Even if you said it first (didn't realize until after my post). I was asleep though :P so whatever.

      And I agree with her. If you can't choose one over the other for sure, then don't bother with either. Sure they can make you happy, but that doesn't mean you should date them. If you don't, without a doubt, feel you love one more than any other, then you shouldn't bother with any of them as more than friends.

      Friendship is fine too.

  • Only you can chose with YOUR HEART but my intuition says guy B, but if your trying to chose between 3 guys and none stand out maybe your better staying friends and another prince charming may come along when you least expect it - WHEN YOUR NOT LOOKING FOR IT, HAPPY WITH YOUR SELF AND ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN WIH MALE COMPANY YOU WILL BE SHINING!