Should I text her when she gets back from her vacation?

I think I have a good chance with this girl in my youth group that I really like. I've waited a long time though. She's somehow been single for three months. We text sometimes but I don't think you could call us "friends". She told me she was going to Texas until Christmas Eve (She has a lot of relatives there). She told me this about a week ago. Should I text her on say, the 26th? I don't want to seem to desperate or anything? Advice please?


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  • Go for it text her, you shouldn't be insecure about yourself, many girls hate guys that are insecure, because I personally am insecure and I want guys that are firm in making decisions :)

    • i mean I'm not insecure I just don't want to text her too often or anything. especially since I only see her in person once every couple of weeks.

    • if I were the girl, I'd be very happy that you texted, it means you care about me, and that I'm important for you.

    • ok I get you :)

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