I recieved a gmail chat message from an acquaintance. Does this sound like a joke?

I can't tell if this is a joke, or if this person is psychotic. Please be warned, there are "R" rated words in this text.

"i like your angry defending nature.

you are stuck in this mode now, I know a lot girls do, one you take them to depths of emotions, they will hold it against you forever, ha

7:21 PM I am the "bad guy" in your girlie brain noww awww baby

I'll f*** the sadness out of you sweet heart

7:22 PM I got some nettles here. get your big rump here

stop hiding. be a woman, grow a vag

7:23 PM what are you doing

7:25 PM wtf, are you this DEAD INSIDE! wake up

you most of grew up so f***ed up.

you are hot little f***, I wanna be on you, just wake up. you know you like me"


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  • Firstly, I seriously hope this guy's a teen because otherwise.. Wow I'm worried..

    He's trying to be hardcore and "bad" but failing miserably. In fact, he's an idiot to send something like that.

    Just ignore him or tell him to leave you alone.

    • No, he's 32. The rest of our "conversation" was just as weird. He says that he's "real" ...

    • Wow... What is wrong with him? Tell him to grow the f*ck up.

    • He's got tiger blood, obviously.

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  • lol, someone's trying to play the hardcore bad boy there.

    Sounds pretty laughable and desperate.

    You should just answer something like "lmao, go play on the motorway"

  • He sounds romantic.


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  • Block this nutcase.

  • was he drunk? lol

    how do you know this guy?

  • ... 25-29? You sound like you're 13. And grammatically, that conversation made absolutely no sense so I kind of have no idea what you were talking about.

    • That's the point, I did NOT write it! It was a gmail chat from an acquaintance of mine.

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    • Lol...I'm not sure what's wrong with him...he was not like this before...he sort of just exploded...I'll ask him if he's a warlock : )

    • All joking aside, he sounds like he's bipolar.

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